Plain Jewellery

Plain Silver Jewellery

Explore Our wide Range Of Plain Silver Jewellery Rings , Earrings , Pendants , Bracelets

Plain Silver Jewellery

Plain silver jewelry means jewelry without gemstone. The finish of plain silver jewellery may be glossy, matt, oxidized and antique look. We at nagoris manufacturing wide range of plain silver jewelry like rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and chains.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our plain silver jewelry design are very different and pure. We make plain silver rings, plain silver earrings, plain silver pendants, plain silver bracelets, plain silver necklaces and silver chains. Our other verity of plain silver jewelry are mens jewelry, women designer jewelry and spiritual silver jewelry. We manufacture both handmade and casting silver jewelry, our handmade silver jewelry are very beautiful and amazing. Our jewelry designers are very well skilled and updated with market trends, that’s why our buyer are always prefer to buy plain silver jewellery from us. we make light weight to heavy weight jewelry according to customer choice. Our plain silver jewelry is very much liked in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, England. We also supply our plain silver jewellery to north and South America spicily brazil, usa and Canada. Our buyer are also from Australia, Japan and chaina.

92.5 sterling silver jewelry is very popular in making rings, pendants, earring, bracelets, necklaces and chain. Jaipur plain silver jewelry is very famous for its unique and fine work in whole world. There are many big factories and small units in jaipur of silver jewelry in India. If you want best source of supplier of plane silver jewellery in jaipur, you can contact us. we will always happy to produce designs of your choice and supply jewelley on time with great finishing and quality. Our specialty in plane silver jewellery are tree of life, flower of life, Buddha, ganesha ring and pendant. You always feel happy and joyful to buy plane silver jewelry from nagoris.

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