Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Silver Jewellery

Explore Our Wide range of Precious  &  Semi-Precious Gemstone Silver Jewellery

Gemstone Silver Jewellery

We have a wide range of gemstones satted with silver jewellery like ring, earring, pendant, bracelet, necklace.

A gemstone means a piece of mineral crystal which are cut and polished and use in making jewelry and ornaments.  There are two known variant of gemstones, a precious gemstone has rarity beauty and beauty. While semiprecious gemstones has less qualities then precious. Both precious and semi-precious gemstones are used in making jewellery.

We get our gemstone mostly  from Africa and brazil. Our gemstone jewellery range are gemstone silver ring, gemstone silver earring, gemstone silver pendant, gemstone silver bracelets and gemstone silver necklaces. When we manufacturing gemstone silver jewelry, we specially pay attention on quality of natural gemstone and its cutting and polishing. Due to our strict quality control our silver jewelry will be one of the best in jaipur.

Our colorful gemstone silver jewellery collection features precious & semi-precious gemstone like sapphire, ruby and emerald.  We also have tanzanite jewellery, aquamarine jewelry, opal jewelry, rainbow moonstone jewellery, labradorite jewelry, turquoise jewellery, lapis lazuli jewelry, tourmaline jewellery and the entire spectrum of birthstones.

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